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David Boustead
David Boustead
June 24, 2020 5:16 pm

WordPress is everyone’s favorite CMS platform – the answer is simple, thousands of free WordPress themes to choose from. In fact, 34% of the top 100,000 websites on the internet are running WordPress — if it’s a unique theme your looking for, it’s likely WordPress has it covered.  

It’s no secret why WordPress holds this much popularity. It’s extremely versatile, it’s super easy to use, you can have a personal blog with WordPress or you can power an e-commerce storefront with 10,000 items. It literally doesn’t matter, WordPress does it all and it does it well!

What Are WordPress Themes?

One of the best features that WordPress has, and arguably one of the top reasons that it’s so popular, is because of how amazing WordPress themes are. Changing the design and layout of your WordPress-powered website, blog, or storefront is super simple to do.

WordPress themes are neat little packages that dictate how your site looks. It’s almost like an outfit. And, just like how an outfit can be accessorized and changed, your themes can too while the base-level design remains the same. 

Some places out there will try to have you believe that the only way to get some amazing WordPress themes is by coughing up some money — that simply isn’t true. There are some amazing resources out there for free WordPress themes. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 places for you to get free WordPress themes!

WordPress Themes

Okay, I know this may seem like a cop-out to list this as the first source, but bear with me. It’s understandable that many free add-ons provided for free software can seem kind of .. cheap? And, to be honest, that’s exactly how the theme marketplace used to when WordPress was first taking the market by storm.

But that’s not the case anymore! There are some genuinely amazing themes over there. Out of the multiple thousands of possibilities, most of the themes are actually amazing. Because WordPress themes in 2020 are so highly customizable, many of the ones in the marketplace will be more than enough for what you need them for.

Theme Forest

If you’ve spent any time searching for themes then you’ve likely seen the name ThemeForest, or the name of their parent company Envato, over and over again. These guys know what they’re doing when it comes to diverse themes.

WooCommerce: Free Themes

There are premium themes and some amazing free options as well. In fact, oftentimes they will retire premium themes and make them available for free whenever new versions have been designed.

One of the most powerful eCommerce platforms on the internet is a simple WordPress plugin known as WooCommerce. It’s great for people who are trying to sell literally anything online from digital ebooks to gadgets drop-shipped from China. They now offer some free themes that are sure to spruce up your WooCommerce setup!

Colorlib Themes

There’s a reason that the themes from this crew have been downloaded millions of times and are on millions of WordPress-powered sites and blog out there. And, that’s because they make some pretty amazing themes. 

You may recognize the name because their free themes are so amazing that they are constantly showing up in the featured and popular sections of the theme marketplace. As with many other big-name theme designers, they do have some premium themes, but their collection of free WordPress themes are almost just as amazing as their premium selections.

Justfree Themes

Although not new to the WordPress themes scene, JustFreeThemes is starting to pick up A LOT of steam. They’ve got a searchable database of well over 1,500 different GNU free themes to use. There may be some overlap with the themes here and those that are in the theme marketplace, but there are also a lot that can only be found here. Think of them as a free themes search engine. Just watch out for email subscription popups.


David Boustead
David Boustead
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