WordPress Themes 2020: Top 5 Sites For Premium Themes

David Boustead
David Boustead
June 26, 2020 3:51 pm
Screenshot of DIVI theme

So, you’ve checked out the Free WordPress Themes and you are looking for something with a little more “pop. “Maybe something that’s a bit more unique compared to what’s offered with the freebies? You might be in need of some premium WordPress themes.

What are premium themes?

Any WordPress theme that is sold for any price is often classified as a premium theme. Typically premium themes will have unique design aspects, advanced coding features and functionalities, and various other premium services that aren’t found within free WordPress themes.

Why would anyone pay for WordPress themes?

This question comes up a lot. There are so many free themes available that surely anyone can find what they need, and these themes are so customizable that it’s easy to make them look unique. But there are some extra levels of service that are included with premium themes from reputable designers. These services can include:

  • Quality Design
    Sure, some of the free themes look nice, but are they truly high quality? Are they truly unique? And, more importantly, are they truly in compliance with today’s design standards? It’s not likely that many free themes meet all of these needs.
  • Security
    Premium themes offer an added level of security because their source code is not made available to the general public as with free themes.
  • Support & Updates
    If any design or security factor needs changing, premium themes often come with necessary updates and the support needed to help you through any issues.

Best Premium Themes Marketplaces

We’ve put together a list of our favorite and most reputable premium theme vendors for your use.

1. ThemeForest

Screenshot of ThemeForest premium catalog

Yes, the same theme site backed by Envato that you also saw in our list of best websites for free WordPress themes. These guys and gals know what they’re doing when it comes to designing some amazing WordPress themes. They’ve got an amazing selection to choose from and their post-sale support is one of the reasons they’re a top name in the premium themes industry.

2. StudioPress Premium Themes

Screenshot of StudioPress

Imagine if you could create a WordPress blog without having to go through the trouble of dealing with your own web hosting company. No maintenance, backup, upkeep, or even installation needed. Think of StudioPress as a hosted WordPress service that gives you the ease of use provided by WordPress.com with the versatility that WordPress.org has available.

StudioPress has got some amazing themes that are unique to their service. If you’re reading this article and haven’t yet decided on hosting, you may want to see what these guys have to offer!

3. WordPress.org Themes

Screenshot of WordPress themes marketplace

Please don’t groan and roll your eyes—there really are some great gems at the WordPress.org marketplace! All of the themes there are available for free, but many of the powerful ones have premium upgrades. This is an amazing way to “try before you buy,” which isn’t possible with many of the other premium theme services we have also listed.

Many premium services list free versions of their themes in the WordPress.org themes marketplace. If you’re on the fence about going with free vs. premium themes, then this is where you need to start!

4. Elegant Themes

Screenshot of ElegantThemes

They don’t have much of a selection, but we have to list them anyway, seeing as they provide the #1 most popular WordPress theme on the market, the DIVI theme. This theme boasts many different premium features and customizations, many of which make it feel like an entirely new theme. They also have a few other premium goodies you can check out as well.

5. Template Monster

Screenshot of TemplateMonster

Having been around since before WordPress even existed, Template Monster has undoubtedly stood the test of time. Their premium themes aren’t overly expensive and, for some themes, you have the option to buy exclusive rights to ensure nobody else is using the theme you have your eye on.

David Boustead
David Boustead
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