Advanced SEO: SEO with WordPress Pt. 3

10 High-Traffic WordPress Websites

It can come as a great shock to many that some of the top websites in the world are using WordPress to manage their content. Surprisingly, this platform is often overlooked by beginners who are searching for a professional content hosting platform.

Plugins: SEO with WordPress Pt. 2

It’s important to take the time to make sure you are doing everything to make your website SEO friendly. While WordPress comes with some great built-in SEO tools, adding third-party plugins is a great way to take your WordPress-powered site to the next level.

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Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is everyone’s favorite CMS platform—with thousands of free WordPress themes to choose from how could it not be? In fact, 34% of the top 100,000 websites on the Internet are running WordPress!

WordPress Security in 2020

WordPress is amazing—but just because the software is amazing doesn’t mean we shouldn’t focus on WordPress security.  

Because WordPress is open-source, anybody can look at the source code.